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Green energy for a sustainable world

Founded in 1990, Quebec Construction stands out for its quality engineering and commitment to safety. With a broad presence in the heavy construction market and always guided by its ethical values and transparency, the company values excellence and reliability in the execution of its projects. The result of this combination is the high satisfaction of its customers and, consequently, a high degree of loyalty.


For over 15 years being internationally certified

Quebec commits to delivering quality engineering, always striving for customer satisfaction and providing a safe and healthy organizational environment. Through continuous improvement of its processes, a set of practices is adopted to minimize environmental impacts during the execution of its activities and ensure the health and safety of all involved in its projects.


Rua Paulo Freire de Araújo, 68 - Estoril
Belo Horizonte - MG / 30494-280

+55 (31) 3297.0833